Thursday, March 8, 2012

Funfunfun. No.

I wish this certain (bad word insert here) I know would stop making rumors about me. The issue was dropped a while ago and they're trying to stur it up again.

Bitches, man.

Anyway, I'm finally done with that poster I was working on for a friend. That person is Andrew, lol. I think he'll like it. I mean, who doesn't like Freddie Mercury? It's beautiful you may say. I'd keep it myself if I didn't put so much effort into making it just for him. xD

I wanna ukulele.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can ya ever learn tah love me?

So, I'm finishing up a poster for someone. Meh. It's of Freddie Mercury, so it's going to be amazing. (Shame on you if you don't know who that sexy man is.)
I'm in one of those "Let's be nice to everyone!" moods. So I'm going to do a few art requests on DA, I think.

I've tryed to be sweeter to my sissy. Meh. She's still going to my worst nightmare this week. I kind of spilled coke all over her dvd player... :). I sort of wish I could be sweeter to a certain person also, without it being so awkward. I miss it. But that's me. How do sexy mustaches grow?

To dye, or not to dye?

So yeah. I bought me some of that black junk for your head. In simple terms, black hairdye.

But but but! I'm kinda scared to dye it.
I've been a burnette for so long that I'm not sure what the transition is going to be like.. or if my hair will fall out. Who knows. Though, here goes nuffin'.
I'm probably going to dye my boyfriend's hair black for him too.  I'm just afraid he'll mess it up if he does it, as a guy, lol. But I'm not doing it for that sappy couple matchy thing.  Both of us has actually had the color in mind for quite a while now.
Anyway.. I like your hair. Who does your hair?
I wanna go there.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Old things make me happy.

Today was interesting. I actually got to look through a bunch of old stuff I found in my grandmother's chest. Pretty interesting stuff, too.
I found some old watches, which was really intriguing, because one of them was pure gold. I also sifted through a bunch of old record collections. I didn't find a record player though. I know where one is though, so that's the good thing. Oh oh oh, band tees. They smell like old lady, but I'm sure I can get that right out, hopefully. Let's see... A bunch of beads, movie posters, and assorted jewelry. Fun fun fun. It's been a really chill day.

Religion blahblahblah

Religion makes up a good percentage of the average person's life. I mean, take me and my family for example. They're very close to God, and stay involved in church. I on the other hand seem to be slowly easing away from it all for reasons I can't really explain, but try to. I believe in God, and I accept Jesus as my savior, yet I just believe that my religion shouldn't make up every little thing I do. It comes in handy with morals, making the right decision at times, and other things, but I just feel as if it gets in the way of my own discovery. I'm very prosperous, and I love to ask many questions about anything I don't know the answer to. This is why I hope to go into the science field, and take over as either an engineer or physicist. I just seem to never get my mind on the same perspective of most religious people. I hate that I question myself so much on this issue. Religion always getting in the way of what I ask questions about never fails to make me angry. I love being a Christian, but I also love science. So I guess those two could possibly mix in some other world, I just haven't realized that yet. Till then, I have yet to be sure. I guess this is where the faith should probably come in, but I'm just so stubborn that it leaks from the tank sometimes.

So, me and stuff.

How lame is this? I used to get on here all the time last year but never really posted anything interesting. I got sucked into the Tumblrs, oh my. The thing that sparked me to make a new account was my boyfriend, Andrew. So cheers to that. Since no one will probably bother to read all of this, I'll try not to write a novel here. It's a blog though. So I'm only being fair when I say it has to be kind of long.
I'm Alayna! Of course. I'm a pretty chill person on occasion. I love love love writing, it's one of my small handfull of hobbies I enjoy. Song writing, poetry, short stories, etc. I take all of those to heart usually. If I like the topic, I'll write about it.
When I'm not writing, I like to spend my time either reading or sketching. People say I'm a good artist, but there's always going to be room for improvement. I'll pretty much take art requests from anyone if I know you.
I have a decent amount of friends, but only a few true ones. Maybe like 3. I don't even know yet. Half these people I'm friends with will be out of my life forever in a few years anyway. One person that I hope will be there for me even after my highschool years is a fellow by the name of Andrew. I love him. Him and maybe 2 other people, but I won't bore you with them.
So uh, yeah... That's about it. Well, that's all I really feel I should type here. If you want to know more about me, just follow along my blog. Each one will go into detail about how I feel about society, myself, and other what-nots.